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Rory O'Driscoll - Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture and TuiNa Massage at Nova Wellness Clinic in Stevenage

Acupuncturist - Rory O'Driscoll 


 Conditions treated include musculoskeletal issues, sleep, stress, fertility, gastrointestinal conditions, Long COVID, wellbeing, and mental health. Rory is passionate about Acupuncture and the Eastern Medicine approach to health and wellbeing. 


Rory is a qualified Acupuncturist and Qi Gong Teacher. He treats the whole person, supporting his clients to heal physically, psycho-emotionally, and functionally. 


 Rory was fortunate to discover East Asian Medicine as a teenager when experiencing poor health.  


 A family friend of his was a wonderful Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) practitioner, and their treatments helped so much that he knew that this was the field he wanted to work in.


 He is proud to share effective treatments with his clients and describes acupuncture as an enjoyable experience, like relaxing on a beach.  



 East Asian Medicine offers many insights into managing health through lifestyle choices, some of which may be discussed during consultations. 


 Rory recommends a course of treatments to build resilience, to spend more time in good, vibrant health.  

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"He is a very thorough and thoughtful practitioner. He is genuinely interested in you as a person and his knowledge of acupuncture is outstanding. He was able to treat me for several health conditions including blocked sinuses, headaches and joint pain. I recommend him for anyone who needs treatment for general illness as well as specific conditions. I continue to see him."


Patsi Walsh

Testimonial for Acupuncturist

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"Absolute miracle worker... My headache was gone when I left. Many thanks!"


Testimonial for Acupuncturist


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"I am feeling a lot better & happier as a result of my treatments.  He is a very kind & caring therapist who takes the time to listen to your concerns. I highly recomend him."

Jill - Administrator - Stevenage

Testimonial for Acupuncturist

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"Very attentive and my health improved considerably. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend anyone with health issues to seek his excellent service."

David C. - Fences 

Testimonial for Acupuncturist

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"I have seen him twice for extremely tight muscles causing issues with a nerve and on both occasions felt a mass of relief and that the treatment really helped. His kind, calming spirit and manner put me at ease straight away. Highly recommended!"

Testimonial for Acupuncturist

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