Nova Wellness Clinic Price List

At Nova we support your physical and mental well-being. 

Please book on-line whenever possible, you will be able to easily manage your appointment and reschedule it.


Initial Assessment & Treatment: £60 (60min)

Follow up Treatment - 45min: £60


Initial Assessment & Treatment: £60 (60min)

Follow up Treatment - 30min: £50


Consultation & Remedies: £60 (60min)

Follow up consultation & remedies - 30min: £60

Full Body Massage / Hot Stone Massage / Swedish Massage

​Initial Massage session: £60 (60min)

Follow up sessions:

£45/45min, £60/60min 

Holistic Massage: Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Facial Shiatsu Massage

£30/30min, £45/45min, £60/60min 

Reiki and chakras balancing

£30/30min, £45/45min, £60/60min 

Holistic Natural Facials


Rejuvenating Facial Acupuncture

​Initial Assessment & Treatment - 90min: £95˜

Follow up treatment - 60min: £80

Foot Reflexology/Hand Reflexology

​Initial Assessment & Massage session: £60 (60min)

£30/30min, £45/45min, £60/60min

Sports Massage & Sports Therapy

​Initial Assessment & Massage session: £60 (60min)

Follow up treatment session: £45 - 30-45min, £60 - up to 60min (depending on requirements) 

Drop-in Community Wellbeing Sessions: FREE including guided relaxation/meditation, well-being acupuncture, sound resonance therapy and more. For more information and updated calendar please click here.

To book your session please visit our on-line booking page.
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