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Chiropractor in Stevenage

Chiropractic Clinic in Stevenage, Herts

Are you experiencing any form of acute or chronic pain or have you recently sustained an injury? 

Our chiropractor Kyle is here to help. Kyle gets outstanding results in addressing a range of health issues. 

Click here to check availability and book your chiropractic treatment in Stevenage with Kyle or find out more about our chiropractor and the effective treatment he offers:


What kind of issues can Chiropractic Treatment help with?


Chiropractic treatment is highly effective in addressing a range musculoskeletal pains and injuries including: 

Why should I choose a Chiropractor at Nova Clinic in Stevenage?

Nova Clinic's chiropractors are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues affecting the bones, joints, and muscles. Our chiropractors have a remarkable track record of successfully treating lower and upper back pain, neck pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, slipped disks, and other related issues. Our initial consultation and treatment extend to 60 minutes, providing more comprehensive care compared to the 45-minute sessions offered at other clinics. Furthermore, a typical chiropractic follow-up treatment at Nova Clinic is 30 minutes, offering a more extensive follow-up compared to the 15-minute or 20-minute sessions commonly found at other clinics. At Nova Clinic, you will receive individualised attention and a professional, warm and welcoming attitude. Building on our longstanding legacy of chiropractic care, chiropractors have been offering chiropractic adjustments and treatment in Stevenage from our inviting clinical space for over two decades. Now, a new generation of highly skilled, trained, and experienced chiropractors is ready to help You.

How can I book Chiropractic treatment?

You can​ check availability and book on-line here: or contact us on 07542 988 777 by phone, WhatsApp or text if you prefer to speak to someone. If you don't get through immediately please allow some time, we may be with patients, but will call you back as soon as possible.

How Many Chiropractic Sessions will I Need?

For complaints such as acute back or neck pain, a series of adjustments separated by a few days may be recommended to gradually reduce inflammation and improve normal function. The frequency of adjustments typically decreases over time and may continue for a few weeks. For chronic issues more follow-up sessions may be required to address the root cause of your problem. A typical course of chiropractic treatment involves an initial session which includes both consultation and treatment, followed by six subsequent sessions. In most cases, this is sufficient to significantly diminish or eliminate your pain and address the root problem of your issue.

What Happens during Chiropractic Session?

A typical chiropractic treatment involves the gentle and precise manipulation of the spine, neck, and joints to restore their natural position, allowing joints to move freely and relieve pressure on affected nerves. This manipulation, also known as "adjustment", may produce a cracking sound. The chiropractor will use controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude, and velocity to target specific joints. While adjustments to the spine are most common, adjustments may also be made to other joints such as the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, or shoulder to improve joint function and structural alignment.


For complaints such as back or neck pain, a series of adjustments separated by a few days may be recommended to gradually reduce irritation and improve normal function. The frequency of adjustments typically decreases over time and may continue for a few weeks.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Right for Me?

Determining if chiropractic treatment is right for you depends on your specific health condition and needs. Chiropractic care is often sought for musculoskeletal issues, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and certain injuries. It may also be used as a complementary or alternative approach to conventional medical care. If you are no sure, please contact us on 07542 988 777 by phone, WhatsApp or text message. We look forward to hearing from you.

How much is Chiropractic Treatment?

At Nova Clinic in Stevenage we offer very competitive rates. Please check our 'Price List' for current fees. After initial consultation, which includes relevant chiropractic tests as well as your first treatment and lasts approximately 60minutes you will also be able to opt for a block of sessions at a reduced rate.

If you still have questions about our chiropractors, chiropractic treatment or chiropractic adjustments, please get in touch!

If you have inquiries about Chiropractic Treatment or Chiropractic Adjustments in Stevenage, or any other issues, please feel free to reach out to us on 07542 988 777 by phone, WhatsApp or text. If you call there are no complicated 'waiting' options and you will speak to us directly. In the rare instance that we are all engaged with patients, you may be prompted to leave a message, and rest assured, we will promptly get back to you.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Stevenage or Chiropractic Clinic in Stevenage? Contact us!

Our chiropractors offer chiropractic treatment and chiropractic adjustments in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Click here to check availability and book your chiropractic treatment in Stevenage with Nova Chiropractors or find out more about chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment near me in Stevenage
Real testimonials from Genuine Patients 

* * * * *

I came into the practice with a bad neck. Daisy did a thorough assessment of my neck and upper back and knew exactly what she was talking about. She treated my neck and back issues and did a very good job. I feel a lot better since the appointment. Daisy was also very friendly. Would recommend.


* * * * *

Very professional and made me feel relaxed whilst the session targeted what I wanted after a discussion of my priorities beforehand. I am a horse rider and runner and walked away feeling like the sessions were really beneficial (not always comfortable at the time but knew it was doing me good and I was always checked in with during the session). It definitely helped me with my positioning and balance in my sport. I got told I had the best riding session a couple of weeks after a few sessions by my instructor so I am seeing a positive impact already. I also feel so much more aware of my body posture after these sessions. I would recommend this to anyone with a sports aim and feel their body isn't keeping up with them.

Katy Stocker

* * * * *

Kyle really was a great help to my injury. He took time to get to understand the route of the problem and then was able to fix my back pain and continuous support.

Ibukun Siyanbola

* * * * *

Another great session with Kyle. His expertise and guidance helps maintain my sporting performance levels.


* * * * *

I have suffered with back problems for years and used to go to an Osteopath in Hitchin until there was no improvement with my back. I was always sceptical about going to a chiropractor would it make the problem worse? Would it actually work? So I looked around on Google and saw Nova clinic, I was nervous upon meeting her and explained all my situations and how my back has arthritis and lots of disc problems, she listened to me and understood everything. The chiropractor made me feel comfortable and relaxed she spoke about all the methods she was using and how they would work. Being completely honest with me of course this won't be a overnight thing but gradual thing. Learning to not rely on my crutches and to have confidence in my self. Nova clinic is a wonderful friendly environment. Many thanks.

Danielle Matthews

* * * * *

I came in yesterday in pain and having to take pigeon steps to move around. My back was causing me pain all the time and has done for the last 10 days. After a very uncomfortable afternoon and evening following the appointment, I managed to get a good night’s sleep and have woken up this morning almost pain free and with almost normal freedom of movement. I am truly astounded by the results and cannot thank you enough. Thank you!

Happy Patient

* * * * *

I went to nova regarding some quite severe lower back pain which was causing me a lot of trouble and discomfort. I saw Kyle Wingate for a sports massage. He was very kind and friendly, was easy to deal with and made me feel comfortable.
After the first session I had with him I noticed an improvement in my mobility instantly(as soon as I got off of the table). I had several appointments with Kyle, starting weekly then as my back improved they were more spread out. With each visit I felt improvement every time I left. I only had 5 or 6 sessions and now my back is pain free and I have all my mobility back. I would highly recommend the nova clinic and Kyle as they have provided a great service and got me back to normal.

Jordan Fox

* * * * *

I’ve been having sports massages with Kyle at the clinic. He’s very knowledgable and targets every area of pain/weakness. I suffered a back injury in the gym which left me barely able to walk and stand straight. Within 2 weeks he had me back training again, along with giving me exercises to do to strengthen again. I’ve been so impressed, I would 100% recommend visiting Kyle.

Vicky Wells

* * * * *

I can’t thank Nova enough for helping me with my back problem. They reassured me it wasn’t a spinal problem and gave me exercise that really help me. Haven’t had any problems since! Would def recommend and use again if need be.

Natalie Hunter

Click here to check availability and book your chiropractic treatment in Stevenage with Nova Chiropractors or find out more about chiropractic treatment.

Our Patients

* * * * *

We are situated next to Lister Hospital in Stevenage, and we are proud to serve patients from a variety of locations across Hertfordshire, including Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Baldock, St Neots, Hatfield, Welwyn, and Welwyn Garden City. We also welcome patients from the neighbouring counties of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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