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Miraculous healing or just recovery with homeopathy?    Agata Anna's story.

Natural health is a journey. My own journey started with my daughter, who had been suffering with recurring ear infections and subsequent 'glue ear' to the point where she was going to lose her hearing.

I spent three long years searching for a safe solution for my daughter. We met with many NHS experts and private specialists in the UK and in other countries.  During this time she was prescribed countless rounds of antibiotics. Yet my daughter’s health continued to decline. By the time she was eight years old, she had lost 90% of hearing in one ear and 50% in the other. Losing her hearing was also having a huge impact on her learning abilities. With a history of deafness in our family, I started to fear the worst.

Then while we were on holiday in India, my daughter was seen by a homeopath. At this time I knew very little about homeopathy and in fact I thought it was rather like herbal medicine. The homeopath was in his nineties: a retired Gujarati civil servant with no formal training in homeopathy. What he did have - in abundance - was passion and a sense of mission. After just a few minutes spent asking my daughter questions on his veranda, he wrote down the names of remedies on a scrap of paper. What did we have to lose? 

What happened next was extraordinary. After only two weeks of taking the homeopathic remedies, my daughter’s hearing improved so dramatically that it was akin to a miracle. After we left India, her painful ear infections became a thing of the past, as did her frequent bronchial infections. As the months and years unfolded, she never again had an ear infection, and she has never taken antibiotics again.

Today, eight years on, I can happily say that she is completely cured. What is more, as a happy and healthy sixteen-year-old, she has a special affinity with deaf people and is learning sign language.  Her hearing remains at an excellent level. She has never had to visit a doctor again.  

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